Sassco Badge

Sassco BadgeSassco badgeSassco 11-a-side are back in action against Sunderland DFC. This time, the game is due to take place at Sandhill Centre. The game is to be played on grass. The kick off date/time is Sunday 3rd November at 12:00pm.

The Facebook Event page is here.

The current squad list looks like the following (we need to add a couple more to the list to have 13):

  1. Davinder Sangha
  2. Craig Charlton
  3. Ray Stoker
  4. Marc McDermont
  5. Callum Howe
  6. Chris Dixon
  7. Simon Mulvaney
  8. Sean Brook
  9. Mark Muers
  10. Jase Robson
  11. Stephen Conlin