Gateshead 3G squads set

Unfortunately, the Gateshead Stadium pitch was unavailable, but we were offered the Premier League Standard Training Pitch as an alternative, so we happily accepted.

The squads of both teams are now set and shown as below.

Newton & Co.

David Smith

Davinder Sangha

Marc Angus

Jake Dyke

Paul Whelam

Marc Mcdermont

Paul Mcconville

Mark Muers

David Gourlay

James Collinson

Dom Brown

Matty Williams

Andrew Tilbury

Stuart Hartley

Billy Joe Lumsden

Paul Cromack

Michael Conlon

David Laydon

Ciaran Howe-Hartley

Joseph Tilbury

Darren Massam

Lee Lumsden

Anthony Lumsden

Michael Lumsden

Michael Taylor

James Lumsden