Dingwall, Robson, Pea, Pea and Greenwell waiting for the ball to come down.

Old timers run out of steam after Callum’s hat-trick.

Dingwall, Robson, Pea, Pea and Greenwell waiting for the ball to come down.

It was expanding bellies and unfit legs, and we weren’t talking about Muers, who managed to cover his cast-iron cast with padding and a long sleeve football shirt just to hide it from Ken Street.

Nicky Smith celebrates Callum's goal.

Toddys managed to muster 13 players, which is saying something, considering that their last game in action was back in 2002. Just to top it off, Stephen Wilson renewed his predatory partnership with John Hunt and nodded the opening goal past a flapping David Simpson, who’s instructions were not to let in more than four goals in his outing.

Chris Waddle prepares to take a penalty. I let you decide what happens next.

Eventually, and thankfully, Sassco scored with Callum Howe firing in a slow shot past Darren “Gelder” Lewis in the Toddys goal. Eight years ago, and for the same shot, it would have still probably gone in. Eventually Sassco went 2-1, then 3-1 up, before Nicky Smith, announced pre-match as Team Captain, scythed down Neil Middlemiss, only to see his team captain’s penalty make Chris Waddles look like a pin-point top corner effort. Even the teams on the other side, Hall Farm and Redhouse FC, jeered his effort.

Liam Dingwall strikes a pose. Dixon misses a header.

Eventually Sassco spun ahead with a hat-trick from Callum and then single goals from Greenwell, Nick Danks (his first), David Oxley (his first), Muers and a superb chip from Campbell, who had perfected the technique on the six-a-side on Tuesday night.

Good game for Sassco as they got a confidence boosting high-scoring win, just before the season commences. Toddys will be invited for another game on the 6th August 2011.