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The 11-a-side selfie

McDermont’s 35 yard “screamer”.

Our bi- or tri-annual game against Sunderland AFC’s Deaf team took place at Chester-Le-Street, and shockingly, we had more than a full turn out.

A total of fifteen players turned up from Sassco’s past – even Macca.

My GPS tracker during the game.The cobwebs and turkey were well and truly dusted off as I managed to bike it to the ground with the whopping great Sassco bag on my back (including a ball). It was raining, but with the starting line up already set, we struggled in the opening as the rain lashed down. A mix up from Dixon (who apart from that was outstanding all game) saw Sunderland Deaf FC strike first. We were still disjointed, but Stephen Lewis fired in the equaliser. Lack of strong defending led to a superb goal from Sunderland and the half ended with Sassco being 2-1 down (and not too pleased)

In the second, I made four substitutes, with McConville, Gourlay, Baxter and Hembrough coming on to replace McDermont, Middlemiss, Charlton and someone else (I really can’t remember). Instantly, the team improved and soon we grabbed an equaliser from Titch. He went on to score another, while Cresswell broke his virginity and scored. It was good to see Snake Hips Hembrough and Cresswell in attack, as that will be the forward line up for the SAFC game in May. Gourlay and Baxter also combined well, but best goal of the night came when Macca pounced on a loose ball and tried his hardest to hit the post. It eventually squeezed in off the post and, unfortunately, the referee allowed it.

A good game and a good run out for the New Year. The team even managed to source their own white shorts and socks so I had no need to panic.

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