Overconfidence…something unusual for Sassco.

We were exceptionally confident for this one.

  • So confident I even suggested a strong goalkeeper to them.
  • So confident I told Kyle Burns he was centre half
  • So confident I told Nelly to be the last man, mainly to keep me from hearing less of his gobshite.


We were down to nine men at the start. James Adams, was going to be late, but another player failed to show. A Facebook SOS was put out, especially when Macca claimed he was going to score seven goals, so we were truly f**ked.

Looking in the distance for potential players.

Looking in the distance in a vain hope of some players to replace McDermont.

The game started and we controlled it. A snap shot from a tight angle saw them 1-0 ahead, with Andrew Carr firing in. 

But we were still confident.

We had chance after chance, but they were either poor shots (Mac) or Louie Yare, in their goal, was saving them. Eventually, Curtis hobbled over the horizon, having heeded the call and actually got there before James Adams. So we now had 11 players on the pitch.

Note, We had 11 players and they only had 10.

Second half saw us hit back straightaway with Yates, who was pulled out of attack and switched on the wing, firing a cross/shot going in.

We were uber-confident now.

So it was no surprise we missed boat loads and were 3-1 down. Dave Cawood and Ryan Defty scoring in quick succession. .

Eventually, we secured a penalty. Nelly put us back on track and soon after scored another to make it 3-3

We were uber-confident now.

The expectation was the floodgates to open. So, as expected instead, they went 4-3 ahead. It was a bit galling as Whelam got booted up the arse by one of their lads, and didn’t even touch the ball, but it was given as a corner from where they scored. A clinical drive near the top corner by Dan Hadley.

In the dying moments of the game, when the ref said it was around 4 minutes and 40 seconds left, Macca secured the equaliser.

We were uber-confident now….

…that we weren’t going to lose and left it at that