Dixon and Ramsay during the game.

More humiliation.

We were already struggling with players. Dan Young and David Oxley both dropped the team in it, but we managed to scrape together ten players and persuaded Dan Carson (from Impact) to don a proper Sassco shirt and embarrass himself even more.

We did have a decentish side out, but unfortunately, the performance wasn’t too different from the last two disastrous outings. Pearson, Dumb and Dumber, plus Dave Smith were missing, and all their replacements barely had a shot on target. Two errors (from me, Sangha and McConville) led to Impact breaking clear and leading 2-0.

To top it off, it was Dan Carson who scored a Brazilian Bender of a goal to put Sassco back into it.

Second half was shocking. Sums it all up when the best chance for an equaliser was my long distance drive which was around half a metre wide. Goals from Impact put them three up and eventually around four or five up, before goals from Campbell* and Graney reduced the deficit.

The final score was 6-3 to Impact.

*A great weight was taken off Campbell’s shoulders as he’d been misfiring for months, having failed to notch a goal since donning a Sassco jersey. The excellent goal he scored saw him beat several defenders before ramming the ball home. However, this was in his dreams and he just slotted the ball in a desperate fashion, having just seen the potential humiliation of seeing me actually notch on the scoresheet before him.