2 Hillarys FC 2 – Sassco 5-4 on penalties

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Davey "Pie Face" Smith saves a penalty for the first time since Portugal in 2009

Post-pandemic Sassco unbeaten so far in 2021.

Our first game after the lock down saw a similar team and similar performance to the previous game v Hillarys. We were 2-1 down with seconds left on the clock before McConville fired in an equaliser. The distraught Hillarys team were forced into penalties and lost in the shoot out, with Davey “Pie Face” Smith saving one of their spot kicks, the first he’s saved for Sassco since the save v DFFC in Portugal in 2009. The rest of the team made no mistake with Barker M, Dyke, Mordecai, Brown, and Barker N making no making no mistake from the penalty spot.

The opening half saw poor defending to allow their opener, but David Mordecai, after hours of Messenger abuse, silenced his critics for 50 seconds with a goal. Second half saw chances missed at both ends, before a dubious penalty was allowed by the “referee” after Jake scythed down an opponent in a supposedly offside position. The late goal was deserved from Sassco, as the side put plenty of pressure on the opponents. The Sassco side was Smith, Sangha, Dyke, Whelam, Barker N, Brown, McConville, Lane, Barker M, Bannister, Mordecai and Couto. 

Hillarys were organised by Ciaran H again and came with the benefit of a few subs. Sassco, as expected, had none once Couto, making his debut, limped off twice in the second.

Brown, Mordecai, Sangha, Lane, Smith, Couto, Dyke, Barker N, Barker M

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