Paul McConville, David Cruickshanks, Neil Barker, Glen Lane, Aden Bannister, James Adams, Jake Dyke, Mike Barker, David Smith, Davinder Sangha, Michael Brown

Another defeat for the 11-a-side.

A late report from the 11-a-side game back in October, Sassco’s last one for 2020. A mix of players with debuts from Michael Brown, David Cruickshanks. The rest of the side was David Smith, Jake Dyke, Aden Bannister, Glen Lane, Mike Barker, Paul McConville, Neil Barker, James Adams and me.

Hillarys were organised by Ciaran H and came with the benefit of a few subs. Sassco, as expected, had none.

Bit disjointed from our side. We struggled a bit and no surprise when two quick goals went in. Just lack of urgency in closing down a free ball for the first one, and Jakey undecided for the second one – fired in by Liam Paul

Eventually, we got a bit of a grip and fired one back in from Paul McConville from a tight angle. All these goals came in the first half and, surprisingly, the scoring ended there. Both sides had chances in the second, with Sassco probably having more. But we failed to hit the net and the game petered out with disappointing defeat and ample opportunity for me to moan about it.

Video camera footage using a static EE 4GEE Action Cam in 1080P (16:9): 30 fps Format H.264 MP4