Harper how he felt before the game and after the game.

We had our strongest team out so it was predictable we got a hammering.

From last weeks’ positive result, we just didn’t get it on. Two quick goals in the opening few minutes combined with barely a shot on target at the other end meant we were fighting to get back into it for the majority of the game. When the third went in, it was over and I walked off.

I blame the mixed kits. John “Tash” Harper made a return to the side after pestering me on Instagram (he’s not allowed on Facebook) and was using the non-badged “fat fucker” shirt, while Glenn had the badged one. Then Gourlay turns up in a Switzerland Tour 2016 shirt (still the same, but slightly different logo) because it was short sleeve and I won’t let anyone have my number 08 (that’s zero and eight) short sleeve.

Nothing much else to say really, but the call will go out soon to find out who’s available for our last game and the target to reach 4th (which is better than 5th).

Standard shirt, Dave Gourlay short sleeve shirt, Fat Bastard stick on badge shirt and 2XL Fat Bastard shirt.
Standard shirt | Dave Gourlay short sleeve “I want to be different” shirt | Fat Bastard stick on badge shirt | Bigger Fat Fucker shirt.