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Sunday morning pasting.

Whelam, Yates, Robson and Burns.It was the first game after the tragic events from the previous Wednesday, tragic as we had to wear white socks instead of our usual red ones, as someone was still using the bag of red ones as a pillow.

This game was similar to the one v Last Orders FC, in that they were superior and we were just there to make up the numbers.

First half was mixed on a small pitch and the team 3-0 down. Debuts from Alan Rose, a return for Anthony Yates, who last played for Sassco in 2008, and Jason Robson, who last played in 2013. Plus a great performance from 15 year old goalkeeper, Louie Yare.

The other players were Paul Whelam, Tommy Wilkinson, James Adams, Paul McConville, Nelly Richardson, Kyle Burns, Anth Mullen, Marc McDermont and me – this was our largest squad for probably 15 years.




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