I think now is the time for me, Davinder Sangha, to step down from running the 11-a-side team (I’ll still be running the six-a-side and any overseas tours, etc. as well as the website). Anthony Pearson is going to take over.

I nearly stepped down last season, but Brian Watson came in and assisted heavily with the admin side of things, so I was happy to continue for another year. However, this season, we lost a lot of players, with the likes of Gourlay, Dixon now stepping down, Simon Mulvaney being absent for most of the back end of the season, plus lack of commitment from good players such as Gareth Stoker and Scott Smith.

This meant that a lot of younger players have recently come in – most of them arranged by Anth Pearson, so to watch us old folks trying to keep up with them was a bit embarrassing. Anth will be running things and in control of everything, but he will no doubt be assisted by the rest of the side. The website will also be updated by myself, but only if someone sends in a report and photos (if possible).

Good luck to Anth. I’ve left the team in a healthy position. He has two sets of excellent kits, nets, pegs, etc as well as the league and pitch fees paid up to December.