Heads, Thoburn, Greenwell and Callum fail to prevent Andy Reay's free-kick going in. Simpson got a hand to it, while Gillespie and Pearson watch.

Worrying times ahead.

I’m being a bit pessimistic; after all we were missing a fair few players from the previous game. Andy Turner, Chris Dixon, Mark Muers, Nick Smith, Dan Young, Nick Danks, Marc McDermont, Anth Langan and Dave Smith. In came debuts for Rhys Thoburn and Gary Heads. Tim also came back for his first game in months and Wayne Ramsay made a return.

Also worrying was Muers picking at the formation and doing the team-talk. After he fumbled his way through it, the game kicked off slightly late, as the referee was delayed. By the way, Emu had broken his wrist, after the youngsters had booted the ball at him on Tuesday.

We probably played the better football, but conceded from an excellent Andy Reay free-kick. Reay, who played for us in the past, caused no end of problems for Sassco and scored almost all of their goals. Despite this, we should have actually stopped him running everyone ragged. The worst thing was that we conceded again after everytime we scored.

Callum equalised in the second half and we looked well on top. They scored, then Lee Ramsay fired one in. They scored again, only to see Callum score again. Almost straightaway they scored and scored again before Lee Ramsay headed one in.

Callum spent the majority of the game on the floor and blamed his trainers (which were Nike ones).
Callum spent the majority of the game on the floor and blamed his trainers (which were Nike ones).

That was it. Even though the squad was not the normal one, I think we’d be struggling in the Premiership – which was expected anyhow. The plus points were excellent performances from Gary Heads, on the wing, and Rhys Thoburn, a player recommended by Nicky Smith. At least we seem to have plenty of decent, reliable players. It was also good to see Lee Ramsay and Callum Howe get on the scoresheet. We should have had more goals. Ramsay missed some opportunities and Anth Pearson had a cracking chance in the first half, despite playing at centre-half, which he excelled in.