Digga (in defence) and Minnie having blinders.

After losing John Oliver, Mark Sammut, Billy Harper and Jason Amour, it’s quite refreshing that the main point of conversation after the game was whether Dixon, playing in a right-back position, or Minnie with his four goals deserved the man-of-the-match award. Digga’s last appearance there was in the game against Sunderland North where he hauled himself off. This time, I explained the fact that from time to time, we are going to be short and players need to adapt. I clinched the argument when I said “it was him or me.”

Within moments of the opening, I knew we had another win on our hands. Time and time again we broke through their defence. Greenwell was partnered by Gourlay in the centre and both did exceptionally well. NUDFC were more organised than SAA, but we still coped. The highlight was the back line. Jeff and Stubba have played in their positions on a regular basis, but both Wardle and Dixon (on the right) had stunning games. All the back four cleared their lines and we were soon 2-0 up. Good work from Emos led to goals from Hembrough and also Middlemiss. Both the new forward players were combining well and it was good to see Hembrough playing for Sassco again as his pace was clearly causing problems for the opposition. Shockingly, we allowed them back in by silly defending (i.e. playing keepy uppy on the left hand side). They were soon back in it with two goals. But brilliantly we scored one straight from kick off. Middlemiss again.

The second half saw us struggling with fatigue. Most of the team had played in the morning as well as yesterday and we only had the one sub. It was 4-2 with Minnie scoring again and then they got one to make it tight with 4-3. Eventually a long clearance from Watson led to the fifth and final goal – you guessed it – from Minnie again. He scored four in total and had chances to get more. Both him and Hembrough combined well and the whole team did exceptional. Watson had to go off late in the game to be replaced by Emos. I came on and launched into a crunching tackle which did my confidence good after the Saturday disaster. Stapes and Emos did well on the wings, but Digga was a revelation as right back. Time to time he stormed forward, but at the opposite end, he always won the high ball and was comfortable.

A good game, in searing heat and on a brilliant pitch. Good luck to the NUDFC team in their cup final at Aldershot on the 7th. Hopefully they’ll become one black and white team to bring back a trophy. You know what the rest of them are like……

Sassco.co.uk 5 Middlemiss (4), Hembrough.
Sassco.co.uk: Watson (Sangha), Clark, Stubbs, Dixon, Gourlay, Emos, Stapes, Wardle, Greenwell, Middlemiss*, Hembrough,