As you can see; calm in the first half, but headless chicken, not knowing left from right in the second.

9 then 15 then 12 before ending up with 11

Not a great deal to say. We had, what I thought was, our biggest squad since I created an imaginary Sassco team on Champ Manager, before it was whittled away to a bare 11. We had 9 on Friday before starting the Sunday morning with 15 okay to play, before a couple of drop outs, back ins then drop outs again. No matter, we had 11 and that was enough.

Started well, actually too well. David Machin conceded a goal from kick off at their end, and quite soon we were 3-0 ahead. Curtis, Harper and Tommy Wilko scored. Problem is we started pushing a bit too much as were caught out a couple of times. At the half it was 3-2, as Newton came back into it.

By now, the pitch was a quagmire and quite a few of our players had 3G shoes on, and watching fat lads wallow around in the mud isn’t a pleasant sight. Anyhow, by this time, Harper had buggered off, moaning about a stitch and it all went to pot. Players were all over the place and they scored their chances. At the other end, Craig Wilkinson, making his Sassco debut missed four absolute sitters (which he caught on his GoPro). We succumbed to an eventual 8-4 defeat, with David Duke firing our only goal in during this period.

Sassco team was Alan Rose in goal, with Adams, The Whelams, Sangha, The Wilkinsons (including Tommy), with Harper, Duke, Curtis and a debut from Joe Mooney (who did really well).

The positive note was that the kit managed to get washed at 50° and all the mud is out.