A republishing of an old article, mainly because this was the first time a retro “Telstar” ball was used in any form in any English league game at all levels – as far as I am aware.

The best we’ve done to date, without any shadow of a doubt. I clearly remember the last away game against Hollymere. We had a bit part team and I turned up late after having to pick up Muers and Staples. We lost 5-4 and we were 5-1 down at one stage. Overall Hollymere destroyed us. Watson got man of the match for making some truly astounding saves. This time it was totally different.

My team talk was the usual basics. I warned them not to give corners away and needed someone to stick to the goal kicks. Galey was obvious choice, but before that, the usual organisational problems occurred. The referee didn’t turn up, so we mutually decided to let Anth Mouat referee and he did a genuine and transparent job. Amazingly we were 3-0 up within 10 minutes. Dixon, Dickinson and Wardle were on the score sheet. Dixon truly had a blinder and ended the game with a hat-trick. I’ve never seen him perform to that level before. He won almost every tackle he went in for and beat the off side trap without a problem. His pace and power were causing no end of problems for the opposition. When the front men lost the ball, it was Dixon who was chasing back and doubling up to win it back. He fully deserved his hat-trick and its been long awaited but much more welcome for his performance. All our team was completely surprised and taken aback. It seems clear that the new “Cola Boy” is definitely a strong fixture in attack and playing like that, it’ll be hard to dislodge him. Wardle also had a fantastic game. His three goals were perfectly taken and superb for confidence. Jif also weighed in with two strikes. The pace up front was frightening, and in contrast the defence were almost lock tight.

Problems at left back though, where Boothy seems to have forgotten how to defend. His lack of left foot is a hindrance, but nevertheless he is there to do what he used to do in the central position, which is defend. Galey was phenomenal. From his perfect goal kicks to his excellent setup play. He combined well with Baker and Greenwell in a truly brilliant performance. One black spot was Stubba getting a yellow card like the nonce he is. He won a ball while on the ground and sent Wardle through. But some afters made the referee (who had turned up after 11 minutes) stop play and award a free kick. It seems as if Ocean Finance will be getting a call as Stubba is way back with his subs payments and now has a lovely Durham FA £7 fine to pay. Hollymere at one stage in the first half clawed it back to 3-2. Muers at the time lost the ball and fell flat on his arse. While we were pissing ourselves laughing, they scored the goal. We weren’t wobbling though. Wardle soon hit back to make it 4-2. In the second half it was all us. I made a like for like substitution by taking Muers off and putting Staples on. It made an immediate impact. Staples lost the ball and they scored. Well done little fella. Still though, we were too good. Wayne Greenwell had three long shots which were way off and Dixon missed a sitter at the end. But all in all a tremendous performance. The cliche is that “we’ll hammer a team one day” and we did today.

All my anxiety and frustration after the last two games was gone. Both my strikers gained hat-tricks and the team was excellent. No complaints. Well done lads.