The first 2020 game after everyone started sneezing.

A bit of a shambles.

Normally we cobble together a squad of bare 11, but with so many missing from the usual bunch, we really cobbled together a big squad. The newbies were James Bowers, Luke Wrightson, Dan Padget, Craig Newby, Chris Green and Glen Lane – however, the latter two had played in 6-a-side and 5-a-side with Green playing a few years ago in an 11-a-side game.

The rest of the squad were “regulars”: Jake Dyke, Marc McDermont, Glenn Whelam, Nelly Richardson, Anthony Yates, Curtis Newbold and Matty Williams.

We scored first. A bit of a howler from the Deaf defence, but we tried our best not to score with Curtis electing to pass to Matty, before his shot was deflected in as an own goal. After this, a clanger from our defence saw Washington equalise and then take a 3-1 lead with more clangers.

Matty got one back at 3-2, but after that, with roll on and off, Sassco suffered and conceded a number of goals. Not the best of games considering it was our first in 2020, but a run out is a run out.

Quote of the game from Nelly Richardson:

“It was that much of a bad performance, that Macca was our Man-of-the-match….”