Sassco 11-a-side have ended their eight year run as a competing team in local leagues.

Unfortunately, Anthony Pearson, who was reluctantly thrust into running the team wasn’t given much help in organising the side when Davinder Sangha stepped down after the season opener. First half pitch fees and league fees were fully paid and it was hoped that match sub(scription)s would have allowed the team to pay the second half. This didn’t happen due to a lack of regular players, plus Durham FA’s reluctance to transfer the address and details of the team secretary to Anthony Pearson.

Representative team.
However, Sassco 11-a-side team will continue as a Summer touring team. This means that Davinder Sangha will pull together a representative team to play in friendlies against regional opponents in independent venues around the area.

Cyprus Tour 2011.
Sassco are also looking for a full 11-a-side tour to Cyprus in September, or a cut down five or six-a-side if players are not able to make it.

Website and name up for grabs.
Finally, the name is available to any team playing in local leagues. This means that the website is available to any such team as long as they call themselves and look to play in the Sassco colours and brand (red, white or blue and in Adidas). Davinder Sangha will update the site, but it would be the person running the team’s responsibility to produce reports and photos.