An uneasy start for Greenwell, especially with the humiliating thought that Dave Gourlay turned down the role first.

Greenwell’s return marred by an expected defeat.

Two games were actually played. The first was a standard 45 minute each way game, ending in a 5-0 defeat, while the second one was a mini-game played due to the extra time available on the pitch. The second game ended in a 1-0 defeat.

Bit chaotic at the start. We turned up at Coach Lane, the same place where we have two memorable wins over Forest Hall over the last two summers, but found out that it was a different pitch; a school pitch further up Coach Lane. Several detours and mis-directions later, we hustled together and Greenwell, unlike the meticulous Pearson before him, failed to have any sort of line up ready. It was done on the back of a piece of scrap paper with five minutes to kick off. Then, having several substitutes, Macca left the bench seat at the Northumbria University changing room, so I had to go back for it.

Lee Ramsay, Sassco's best player, but bruised and battered throughout the game.

The miserable bench. McDermont, Langan and Dixon.

Just as I was returning to the car park, I saw Chemfica’s first goal slot past Dave Smith, who turned up unannounced. Most of the players’ jaws dropped when I told them that Chemfica were a Northern Alliance side, similar to Newcastle BT, who offered us a similar thrashing last summer. However, it wasn’t all that bad. We were doing roll-on, roll-off, which doesn’t help, but remained reasonably stubborn. The half-time result was 2-0, but the floodgates opened in the second half and Chemfica ran up a 5-0 scoreline.

Dave Gourlay takes a breather, while Sangha wonders how many games before he sacks Greenwell...again.

We had our usual expected whingers, with McDermont supposedly injured after five minutes. Obviously he didn’t fancy it and spent the first half moaning about other players on the bench. Here’s a moan for you, Mac: If you don’t fancy it – f**k off.

Lee Ramsay was probably our best player on the afternoon, but we were playing a strong team, so can’t be too disheartened.