AWDis Just Cool JC001 football shirts

We have a number of choices for our game at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light in May.

Last year, we chose orange as the sponsor colour, but our opponents are looking at wearing an orange top, so we have put the vote out there to choose our colour.

AWDis Grimbsy/Notts County/Juventus style kit.At the moment, the blue kit is in the lead, but a late surge for the black and white, Grimbsy/Notts County/Juventus soccer jersey variation might push it to the top.

We are looking at the excellent AWDis JC001 shirt, of which the long sleeve variant was used for our 11-a-side team – the first team ever to use AWDis shirts for official football.

AWDis (All We Do is) was first introduced in 2008, but the Just Cool brand was introduced around five years back.