Finally, we managed to get a win,

However, the circumstances were all too familiar, with new faces coming in, but this time slotting in perfectly.

Team talk was just about who was in what position. We had lots of new players sourced by James Collinson, Gav Greener and everyone else. The core of the side remained he same. Nelly was up front with Col Robson, while Collinson and Greener in the middle. At the back it was the usual, with Macca (persuaded to return back after his disaster last week), Whelam and Sangha, while Dave Turnbull was in goal. 

Michael Black, Steve Burns, Steve Davison, Shaun Snowdon were the ones coming in, slotting into various positions.

The game started similar to all the other ones we had. It was reasonably balanced, but for once, we struck first. Col Robson floated in a free-kick in the first half, which, luckily, everyone left. We were 1-0 up, but prior to this and after, Turnbull made some great saves. Second half saw us open up a bit, as they were chasing the game. Gav Greener got a well deserved goal, which was followed by Robson’s second and Nelly Richardson at the end.

The other end was reasonably solid, despite Macca choosing his own positions, but luckily booting the ball into row Z, instead of fannying about.