Traveller’s Rest 5 2.

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Half-time with a 2-0 lead. Mick Oliver, Davinder Sangha, Dave Gourlay, Mark Muers, Mickey Pearson, Chris Dixon.

Lack of numbers; inevitable defeat.

I was as surprised as anyone on the pitch that we were 2-0 up in a difficult first half. Gourlay had struck first and Muers struck soon after. At this time, Traveller’s seemed to run out of steam, despite having the most of the play. Both our goals came from break outs from their moves.

Surprise as well considering Hembrough, McDermont, Langan, Campbell were all missing. Back line was actually me (left back), Stoker, Mulvaney and Simma. Making his debut was Mickey Oliver. We knew we were lacking in numbers, so Mickey would mainly be used for midweek games. However, he made an impressive debut and had a hand in both goals.

Dave Smith, Davinder Sangha and Mickey Pearson don't look too pleased as the first half lead vanishes.

Chris Dixon and Anth Pearson; both guilty of extra dirt on the shirts.

Yet, despite being 2-0 ahead at half-time, the second half saw two give-away goals, before Mickey Oliver had to limp off with an injury, but did manage to make himself useful by taking the majority of the photos. But, after he was off, it was over. Traveller’s scored again and ran up a 5-2 scoreline. Muers was on his own in attack and didn’t really provide an outlet once we were down to ten men.

The long unbeaten run comes to a disappointing end. Had we managed to get out a first eleven, I’m sure we’d have done better. No matter…

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