Brian Watson, Team Secretary.

Brian Watson, Team Secretary.

Brian, as Team Secretary, has known all the background goings on within the Sassco Organisation for the last few years.

Brian has always been involved in football even from an early age, playing for school teams and numerous youth teams often in goal or the heart of the defence and although age has crept up on him he has kept his passion for the game.
He Formed Downhill Wolves Under-10’s in 2003 which folded in 2006 after 3 succesful years having been promoted in our very first season albeit at small sided football. It nearly became Sassco Wolves, but it folded before having the chance (Sassco Impact took on the youth mantle for Sassco, the following season).
Then he became secretary of Sassco in 2006, having been contacted to find the club a new secretary. He took the job himself and enjoyed every minute. He also formed the new ALS sponsored 6 a side team which competed in the Sassco League, which folded due to the lack of commitment by the players. As for the 11-a-side, Brian had to resign at the end of the 2008/09 season, due to the formation of a new youth team of which he is the assistant manager, called Northside United Under-15’s, competing in the third division of the Russell Foster Youth League.

He then re-took his post of secretary of Sassco for the 2009/2010 season.

Q) You’ve been with Sassco for a number of seasons now. What are your impressions of the team, the set up, the players, etc. having already been in charge of other teams yourself in the past?

WATSON: The team on the whole are a great bunch of lads. The set-up has also to be commended and I’m proud to be a small cog in a well oiled machine, as there are a number of us on the management staff , General Manager Sangha, Coaches Greenwell and Pearson, Captain Dave Gourlay and even tea boy Muers, who all muck in when the chips are down. As it was the exact opposite when I had my youth team. I only had one person who would help now and again (and the failed Sassco duo*) but it was to no avail as the club folded after 3 years.

* That was Mickey Donkin, who failed to coach the youth team.

Q) After winning the Fair Play Trophy for 2006, Sassco have turned into the “bad boys” of the division with a number of yellow cards, including a major red card in the incident we’re not allowed to mention. Why do you think the discipline has suffered?

WATSON: It should be drummed into the players heads by the management/captain – NO DISSENT, I can’t remember the last time a Sassco player was booked for a rash challenge (can you?). However our discipline has improved slightly due to the removal of certain players (hotheads) and harmony has been restored to the dressing room.

Q) Sassco famously never train, or warm up before games. What do you think of this?

WATSON: Well I guess its because of work commitments and the six a side league, that Sassco never train, however I think the team should warm up before a match led by the captain / coaches*.

* Simon Mulvaney took the role or pre-match warm up in Portugal.

Q) How have your dealings with the League, opposing teams and the Council been as you tend to be the main point of contact.

WATSON: My dealings with everyone concerned have been ok, just a few problem teams who fail to contact you sometimes and you have to contact them!

Q) As Team Sec. you tend to be given an open reign by General Manager, Sangha. Do you think you have full autonomy to do what your think is best for Sassco, or do you think your hands are tied?

WATSON: Although I’ve got full power to control Sassco and do what I see fit for the good of the club, I’ve never had to use it due to the nature of the club structure with most things taken care of by Mr.Sangha. 

Q) What, in your opinion, is the direction that Sassco should go now?

WATSON: Like I said before; the removal of certain individuals has made Sassco stronger, with the team starting to gel under new tactics and management, as you can see by our rise up the table. Keep it up, lads. Lets not waste our opportunity this year (2010) as we have been in this position before and we blew it. We could possibly look for another pitch in the future as Downhill Pitch F has got worse year after year.

Aspirations for 2010: To see Sassco win a trophy and to revive my idea’s of a Sassco Youth League and write a book titled The History of Sassco Part I.