A free-kick from The Cove is defended against, with Michael Pearson sacrificing his testicles for Sassco (again).

Undefeated in four games with a comfortable win.

The players decided to bring a Nike match ball to play with today, much to my disagreement, so much that I threatened to ram a screwdriver into it. Nevertheless, I Photoshopped it out of all the match photos.

Campbell and Dixon. Two superstars from Sassco (photo by Wayne Greenwell).

Against The Cove, it was an expected win for Sassco as the team are now unbeaten in four games. Greenwell’s dilemma was increased when there were returns for Mulvaney and Stoker, however Scott Smith forgot his gear (but was still there). Nevertheless, the team was strong enough.

Muers poked in the opening goal before Anth Pearson nodded in Langan’s blast off the cross bar. We had around 10 corners in the first half and probably 25 during the whole game which demonstrated our dominance.

Muers correctly predicts the number of goals he was going to score (photo by Wayne Greenwell).

Muers leaps for a header.

Early in the second half, Langan scored and the game was settled. Two further goals from Gourlay (including an excellent dribble from the half way line, beating the majority of the opponents) and a final one from Langan, gave Sassco a decent 6-0 win. Teams have been hammering The Cove and the main reason we probably didn’t add to the scoreline was the poor state of the pitch and our lack of any decent, clinical centre forward.

Muers took a hissy fit when I (with Greenwell’s approval) subbed him instead of Dixon in the second half. Greenwell didn’t want to make the decisions as no doubt, Emu would release the pictures on Facebook he’s been storing. He must have something as there’s no conceivable way in which any idiot would play that useless tank up front.

Still. Can’t complain too much. A good win.