An amazing four goals for Jimmy Raeper.

I read a mini-riot act prior to the game, threatening those with outstanding subs to pay up or be benched. Also, the threat was there to help with the nets or else be benched. Now the wise arses would turnaround and say that if eleven are there; how can anyone be benched. Well, it would be the following week. If all eleven told me to f**k off, then next week there would be a different eleven.

The final game of the season saw us playing at home to Country Park Inn. The self titled, CP Inn, aka Marc Evans, after the last game claimed that he couldn’t wait to play us again. A bit of a boast – yes, but CP Inn had secured some impressive results recently (including a 2-2 draw against Hylton CW). It seemed that everyone wanted to play us after Anth Pearson, standing in goal for the absent Dave Simpson, let in a true howler within a minute. It wasn’t even a shot. The ball rolled towards him, through him and into the back of the net. The sidelines were packed with Redhouse FC players, including Tommy Bell, who was making notes, after their game was cancelled. Not much on his paper then…

I was very tempted to haul him off, as he looked shaken after it and put Muers in goal. However, once we got to grips with the game, he didn’t put a foot (or hand) wrong after this.

However, this lifted CP Inn, who started the stronger. We knew we were up against it and all the players showed their true spirit and came back strongly. Jimmy broke clear after around fifteen minutes and poked the ball past the ‘keeper before he got to it. Then after this, Jimmy beat several players before slotting it in. CP Inn had a great chance to score just before the half time whistle.

Second half saw Paul McConville, who had an unproductive spell in attack, replaced by Titch. Paul actually got himself a bad bruising and cut on his leg which looked like a shark bite. During the opening minutes of the second half, the heavens opened and the game was played in slick conditions. Even with the downpour, we were all parched and it wasn’t helped by the fact that my flask smashed into a million pieces so I was gagging for my half time tea.

The second half was played in a similar pattern to the end of the first half. We were reasonably comfortable, but were still only one goal ahead of CP Inn. Nelly then set Jimmy up with an excellent low cross for his hat-trick. 3-1 and the game looked secure. After this, it turned a little nasty. It was a bit bruising throughout. Both Kyle Robinson and Dave Graham had their work cut out. Dave Graham didn’t get a wonder goal, like he did last week, not for the want of trying. But I do remember him spending the rest of the evening asking the other players if they still wanted his autograph. Despite this, both him and Kyle were strong in the middle.

Finally, a superb curled effort saw Jimmy score his fourth and final goal. A truly astonishing performance. CP Inn then got one back with ten minutes remaining, when Stoker swung that leg of his and gave Marc Evans a chance to score from the spot. Stoker vented his hatred onto Marc Evans as they were having a verbal spat throughout the game and Nelly got himself a yellow card when he grabbed one of their players after a bad challenge. This was coming after he threatened Emu the previous week. Both Emu and Stoker were gagging for a goal and both bombed forward to try and get it. Both fired blanks though.

Everyone have a relaxing summer off and we’ll freshen ourselves and regroup for our first pre-season game in 48 hours. Macca was whinging that he didn’t fancy playing a Non-league team. I told him it was lucky we hadn’t secured a League team.

I’ll upload my season report soon and will ask all the players to vote for their Player of the Season.

Finally, it was Brian Watson’s last game, before he quits as Team Secretary. Our thanks go out to him for all the hard work done over the last season and a half.

Community North Sports Complex
League Division 1 4 Dave “Jimmy” Raeper 4
Country Park Inn 2 Anth Pearson, Gareth Stoker, Simon Mulvaney (Chris Dixon), Mark Muers*, Marc McDermont, Paul McConville (Steve Conlin), Dave Gourlay, Neil Richardson, Kyle Robinson, Dave Graham, Dave Raeper*