Macca looks on in horror as his slip lets Arms back into the game with their goal.

2-0 up, then 4-2 and 4-3 down. Poor second half.

Disappointing game, really. We were 2-0 ahead, but succumbed to a quick response and then a difficult second half. Both teams seemed evenly balanced, but Sassco took the lead with a bullet header from McDermont. He spent the rest of the game camped in the opponents half and failed to make any more impact.

Murton shows his indiscipline in what could be his final game for Sassco; what with the fines looming.

The game was very niggly. Dave Gourlay, David Murton and Mark Muers were all yellow carded. Ironically for arguing amongst each other and not for anything else.

The second goal came from excellent work from Murton, as he capitalised on a goalkeeper error to make it 2-0.

Criminally, almost from kick off, McDermont slipped and the lost ball ended up in the back of our net. It was 2-1 at half time, but we were still confident.

Good times as Pearson congratulates McDermont on his bullet header.Good times as Pearson congratulates McDermont on his bullet header Man of the match, Greenwell on the floor, while Dave Gourlay steams in.Man of the match, Greenwell on the floor, while Dave Gourlay steams in.

The second half saw Arms gain an equaliser from a corner. We seemed to lose it then. The third goal was almost inevitable, but the fourth was a killer. Paul McConville struck a consolation and we should have got back into it. Poor defending saw Arms score the fourth.

Horrible Muers.Horrible Muers.

Our last game before Portugal. Shame we didn’t go there with a win under our belt, despite a reasonably opening half.

Wayne Greenwell’s comments:

Today I thought we played for each other and that was complemented with a two goal lead after 27 minutes.

The most memorable of the two was Macca with a soaring header a salmon would be proud of, but to be honest we were up against a good team in the league and it never took long for them to equalize, but bearing in mind we were deservingly in front.

Marky Mark was back in the team today and in one word was “colossus.” He gave the back four shape, bite and pace unmatched in both teams. Also the clown we all know as Macca made an appearance, and for him to get past players in the way he does consistently every week must mean there is a bit skill involved in his play. Dave G was awesome in the middle with his constant availability for a pass and pin point accuracy. Paul Mconville dropped a “Dov” when a long ball was misjudged and saw it sail over his head for one of their players to run in on our goal and score a fourth goal, putting the score at 4-2. But to give him credit, in the last ten minutes he raised his game and, after a spell of Sassco pressure, the ball fell to his feet and he smashed a beauty past the keeper to put us in for a shout. But a turning point of the game for me was when Baby Pearson had to go off with a injury to his ankle at half time. Until then his performance was an 8/10. Good play and tracking back made him a instrumental part of the set up.

So, to summarise:

We were playing good football and deservingly took the lead by two goals. They equalized shortly after and then went on to take a commanding lead (4-2). But we fought back to 4-3 and with the team going for the draw – we conceded again putting the game out of reach. But that never stopped the team pressuring a fourth for ourselves with their keeper pulling off two excellent saves from my free kick and again from Bunta’s. Campbell had a late chance and he deserved a goal for his performance. Emu was quiet today, but still played well,

Wayne’s inspirational quote of the week:

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking…”

Wayne Greenwell 9/10 (official MOTM)
David Simpson 7/10
Simon Mulvaney 7/10
Mark Middlemiss 9/10 (possible MOTM)
Paul McConville 7/10
Dan Campbell 7.5/10
Anth Pearson 7/10
Marc McDermont 7/10
Dave Gourlay 8/10
David Murton 7/10
Mark Muers 7/10
Chris Dixon 5/10