Simpson not having his best day.

Same old, same old with Sassco.

Simpson not having his best day.

A more than decent line up ended in a farcical performance and swathes of in-fighting including “you’re shitter than me” competitions amongst individual players; namely Nelly and Titch. The only bright spark was a brilliant performance by Nicky Smith resulting in two late goals, despite him being centre-half.

A fair few players were missing again, including Dave Smith, who’s lack of presence was keenly felt as Simma was attempting his best Iain Hesford impersonation. Langan returned for the first time in a while after dropping me in it for the last few weeks and started whinging that he was on the bench.

Me and Macca nearly had another falling out and I suggested we have a virtual fight on Facebook (there’s only going to be one winner there). In the end it was all hunky-dory as Tyson, Cambridge’s scout at the game, revealed that his team don’t want him. Macca re-pledged his loyalty to Sassco (again) by announcing he’s going to change his middle name to Sassco, even though I told him he’d probably spell it wrong.

Massive incriminations after the game. We lost a ball mainly because I was dying for a leak and had to return to the changing rooms, due to being forced to play at the horrible Thompson Park area full of charvers. A lot of people failed to help with nets after the game and generally it was a typical bad mid-week game.