1 Hylton Colliery Juniors 1.

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Sangha takes a swig from the flask in the cold conditions as Langan watches on. Pearson's Nan made the tea today.

Hylton won 4-2 on penalties.

I’m in preparation to be hauled up and bent over in front of the discipline committee, who will take turns running along the corridor to boot me up the arse.

I can actually picture the scene. In sultry Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. Craig Taylor, amongst the directors of iKobo International, sitting in their plush high-rise office boardroom thinking, “What the f**k is Muers still doing up front?”

Yes, even Sangha and Sassco are accountable. Greenwell’s accountable to me and I’m accountable to my paymasters. Luckily, the chances of iKobo executives hopping on a transatlantic flight to position a boot up my arse is unlikely to happen. Until then, the pressure remains on Greenwell despite his six-month fixed contract. He had suspected Swine Flu earlier in the week, so you know if Emu gets it, both fiddlers have been sharing spit in the showers again. Disgusting.

The Technical Committee: Greenwell, Pearson, Gourlay look intrigued by the line up while Sangha seems amused.
The Technical Committee: Greenwell, Pearson, Gourlay look intrigued by the line up while Sangha seems amused.


Stoker's header is saved by the 'keeper.
Stoker’s header is saved by the ‘keeper.


A controversial game. Maybe Sassco have grown up a bit. Greenwell’s placing his stamp on the team and pissed Si Mulvaney off by not putting him on directly at half time. I also didn’t select Campbell or the returning Langan to bolster an already bloated squad.

Murton might well have stopped the kid’s getting any presents at Christmas, as he squared up to the referee once we had let a late 1-0 lead go. Mickey Pearson scored the goal in the last fifteen minutes. Sassco were truly impressive. The squad was solid from the back, with Greenwell learning from his errors last week and playing two solid centre-half’s, Stoker and Scott Smith.

The game ended and it was penalties. Gourlay and Stoker scored, but Pearson, Muers and Macca missed.

Can’t damn the performance. It was excellent. The pressure seems to be ebbing away from Greenwell, despite the abuse given to him in the last few weeks (mainly from me). Less said about the Murton incident the better. We’ll have to take anything we get hit with on the chin.

It was good to see Greenwell taking full control of the coaching side of things. I’ll still handle the squad and the logistics, but he does the team line ups, the subs and everything to do with football. I’m a bit distracted these days. Even ran through a red light at Heworth.

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