Harper, spreadeagled and uncoordinated (as usual).

Harper, spreadeagled and uncoordinated (as usual).It’s finally happened. After around eight years of battles against each other, William Harper (commonly known as Billy, The Tash and various other names) has decided to cut his losses and jump into bed with the enemy (not literally, thank God).

On a serious note, the world renowned William Harper, will operate in the role vacated by Gourlay and Richardson before him. We will also endeavour to kit him up in coordination with Adidas equipment. General Manager, Davinder Sangha, will pull the squad together as before, but it will be down to Mr. Harper to put his tactical knowledge in place prior to the games. His first appearance is most likely to be on our game on the 11th against Forest Hall.

Mr. Harper spent the last season with Sporting Redhouse, but prior to that had stints in charge of Sunderland North, Sporting Club Sunderland and the infamous Toddy’s (details available in the Archive Section).

His playing days saw him debuting for Sassco in their first ever game in 2002, with sporadic appearances up until 2005. Since then he was mainly involved in the Castlepark Junior’s team.