Dave Graham chasing shadows against Cheltenham.

Dave Graham chasing shadows against Cheltenham.Our very own Dave Graham single handily (his own words) took on a mainly youth based Cheltenham Town FC in a friendly for his Royal Corps of Signals team. He wasn’t able to prevent a 2-0 defeat, which doesn’t bode well for his appearance against West Auckland.

To further quote Dave Graham, his technical analysis of the game was summed up in a few sentences, “F**k me they were quick. We gave as good as we got though. It was a tough 90 minutes, really quick pace.”

This follows a pattern where Dave Graham had previously spent ninety minutes representing Sassco by battering and along with Stoker, bullying another mainly youth team, Forest Hall, who were recently defeated (match video available in the Media / Video section).

The match report for the Cheltenham game and photos are available on the Cheltenham Town FC website which can be seen by clicking here. The football section in the Royal Signals website can be seen by clicking here.