Pearson and Mickey Oliver have a pointing competition, while a dazed Simpson, Anth P and Muers stand idle.

McDermont, cap in hand, returns to Sassco and begs forgiveness.

A massively depleted squad was given an extra edge when McDermont decided to miss the 4-2 defeat against the Colliery Tavern on Saturday to watch the match in a pub. Having been accused of being a liar, publicly on Facebook, the slanging match continued with McDermont handing in his transfer request, and Sangha being indifferent to him leaving. A begging apologetic text was received on Saturday, but Sangha still held firm and didn’t respond.

By Wednesday, the squad of 10 had eventually bloated to 13. McDermont was there and sheepishly returned to the fold and graciously accepted a place on the bench. So 14 players kicked off against the Cambridge and Macca was immediately called into action to replaced an injured Dixon within the first few minutes. Sassco conceded midway in the half and performed poorly throughout.

Second half saw Wayne Ramsay replace Campbell, but Sassco went 2-0 down. By now, Stoker was in tourettes over drive, giving abusive commentary throughout. Late on, Sangha replaced an injured Simpson, who had come close with a first half header. The team had reduced the deficit by then, with Mickey Pearson acrobatically firing in a Mark Muers assist. After this, Sassco were on top and grew in confidence.

Three minutes remained when convicted sex-offender, Gareth Stoker, twisted Zidane style and secured the equaliser.

From a really poor performance; probably one of Sassco’s worst this season, the team gained an unlikely point.